Studio Pacific Architecture website

Studio Pacific Architecture wanted a design that would appeal to both existing and potential clients, showcasing their architectural ability and experience.

I worked with a team at Open Lab to create a responsive, accessible and well-crafted website in an inclusive and collaborative process involving staff from all areas of Studio Pacific’s business. This process distilled the essence of the studio and the qualities the website needed to embody: creative, approachable, accessible, crafted, progressive, warm, innovative, orderly, energetic, and unique.

Studio Pacific’s in-house graphic designer Tessa joined Open Lab during the process to ensure that their culture was embedded effectively into the design.

We used a grid-based layout suggesting a structural form in which the project images could be the hero, and hinted at the studio’s personality through small details like the icon-based filtering system, which has icons based on buildings from Studio Pacific’s portfolio. This aids the user experience, but also introduces subtle elements of humanism and humour.

The website provides Studio Pacific with a clean, structural visual voice, providing a framework for the studio and their work.



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