Poetry New Zealand Series

Poetry New Zealand is the country’s longest-running poetry magazine, showcasing new writing from Aotearoa and overseas.

It presents the work of talented newcomers and developing writers as well as that of established leaders in the field.

This issue is the first in a new direction for the publication. This issue forms a foundation for the system of naming and format, with the celebration of letterforms as the central parameter for cover design.

Designed for Massey University Press, Poetry 17 was designed with Thomas Le Bas and Fay McAlpine, and 18, 19 and 20 ongoing collaboration between Tom and I. 21 and 22 were solo projects (Thomas now being a busy design manager in Auckland/Canada!).

It pops! Everyone I’ve shown it to so far agrees that not only is it a beautiful piece of design, but that it draws the eye to an extraordinary degree …

Lovely feedback on Poetry 18 from Dr Jack Ross, Editor of Poetry NZ


Welcome, 2023!

2023 was recently released. We had been wondering for some time about how to emphasise the theme of the collection, so this time we moved the system to draw on evocative words that were used in the introduction. After-burn won over, and from that came a murky, moving volcanic marbled print and a new type treatment. 

Collaborators were Thomas Cumming and Krista Barnaby. Recent amazing grads, who work under their label 12AfterMidnight — check them out!

2023 cover spread
Poetry 22

Poetry 19 cover

Poetry 18

Poetry 17



Work > It does no harm to wonder / The Body of the Work


Work > Maths Craft in a Box