Extraordinary Anywhere

Extraordinary Anywhere, edited by Ingrid Horrocks and Cherie Lacey, re-imagines the idea of place.

The development of this book was an evolving collaboration between the editors and designers. Anna Brown and I took the nostalgic process of sifting through ephemera to locate, repurpose and evolve old illustrations to give them new meaning. The inside cover acts as a 'map' to the book enclosed within – an illustrated table of contents, using the happenstance placement of the essays on a page number grid to determine the assemblage in the same way geography defines a map.

As designers, we also contributed a design colophon essay to the book, which lives in the dust jacket as a key, of sorts, to the book's design.

The design won the Upstart Press Award for Best Non-Illustrated Book at the PANZ awards 2017.



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